The future of complex medicine.

Our proprietary platform revolutionizes clinical risk management and cost containment by driving the adoption of personalized medicine in the highest risk, highest cost populations.

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We believe in efficient and effective healthcare

The Right Member

We identify the members in a health plan that would experience the greatest benefit

The Right Intervention

We engage the member and their physician and design the optimal course of action

The Right Process

We work with stakeholders in a member's care team to conduct the testing, generate the reporting and bring the genetic experts into the case to complete the new treatment plan.

Network of Labs

Labs vetted for Quality via Accreditation documents and Scientific Validity documentation including Level of Evidence in reporting and validation of accuracy

Clinical and Diagnostic Testing

Immediately Medically Actionable results capable of driving real change to member’s treatment plans

Patient and Panel Matching

AI-driven identification of member and patient risk built to optimize investment in genomic intervention

Facilitation and Support

Work to complete the clinical workflow and provide the clinical support to physicians for them to implement change.

“What we know is that, without this platform, disease management in a high risk population is simply missing the mark.”

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We are passionate about applying Precision Medicine to medical treatment and helping people receive the most appropriate, effective and individualized treatments possible.

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